Kidney Transplant:
Understanding This
Treatment Option

DaVita® patients are more likely to transplant than the average dialysis patient.* See if a kidney transplant is right for you.

5 Reasons to Choose a Transplant

Understanding Kidney Transplants

What you should know about this treatment.

Getting on a Transplant List

Learn about the steps you need to take.

Waiting for a Transplant

Get tips on how to stay healthy while waiting for a match.

Hearing from Other Patients

Listen to patients share their kidney transplant stories.

Additional Resources

National Kidney Registry

If you are in need of a kidney or want to become a donor, visit this site.

Thinking about becoming a kidney donor? Learn how to you can help.

myDaVita Transplant Forums

See what others are talking about when it comes to kidney transplants.

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* Based on 2014 DaVita internal data on transplant numbers and industry data on transplant volume and pre-dialysis transplant rates.

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