Explore the complexities faced by end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients

Patients with ESRD...

Creating Clinical Excellence

Clinical Leadership

Clinical Leadership

The DaVita Patient-Focused Quality Pyramid, clinical initiatives and other innovations that support clinical excellence were created and driven by these physician leaders, with group medical directors and physician partners, who have dedicated themselves to raising the standard of care for kidney patients. Find out more about how these clinical leaders are striving for a high level of physician satisfaction.

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Clinical Initiatives

Achieving improved outcomes in fundamental clinical areas provides a foundation in the pursuit of quality. From there, tackling the more-complex clinical issues has been shown to improve primary outcomes, survival rate, and patient experience and quality of life. The DaVita Patient-Focused Quality Pyramid serves as a framework to improve outcomes, better manage of some of the most imperative complex clinical areas and keep patients healthy and out of the hospital.

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For Hospitals

Integrated Care

Kidney patients face significant complexities–such as required dietary changes, multiple comorbidities, emotional challenges, inadequate medical knowledge and financial issues–that can be best managed through a comprehensive integrated care model. Learn about Medicare chronic special needs plans (SNPs) and ESRD seamless care organizations (ESCOs) and the individualized services provided through DaVita VillageHealth.

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For Physicians

Clinical Excellence

Physicians can achieve enhanced outcomes by partnering with a dialysis provider that is committed to a strong clinical infrastructure, complex clinical programs, physician leadership, integrated care solutions, progressive technology and clinical research. Achieving quality involves a team effort.

Resource Center

Learn more about improving clinical outcomes, enhancing patient quality of life and reducing costs with these videos, case studies, white papers and other resources. View videos on clinical initiatives, such as interventions that help reduce risk of fluid-related hospitalizations.

Treatment Options

To help physicians provide their patients with flexible treatment options that fit their work and lifestyle, and to ultimately improve clinical outcomes and quality of life, DaVita offers the in-center dialysis, home dialysis and acute dialysis.

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